Upscaling the ICAM Programme

Networking and upscaling was promoted throughout the two years of the programme through planned communication, a website and the use of social media, articles in professional journals, conference input and the engagement with national and local education administration and allied organisations who will adopt and upscale the programme starting in 2019.
There is a growing European awareness of the importance of SEL and the school climate of convivencia for improving the learning capacity and wellbeing of children and young people and a widespread concern for the integration CAM in school. This programme provides a set of solutions to these combined issues in a programme for schools throughout Europe to adopt and to continue developing.
ICAM will be disseminated throughout Europe with the support of National agencies and Eurochild and the UNICEF European Regional Office in Geneva. The ICAM Network is applying for further EACEA Erasmus + funding for a dissemination programme 2019 – 2020.