ISJP is a Romanian Regional School Inspectorate, under the authority of the Ministry of Education. Its main task is to coordinate and to control the schools of all levels in the county of Prahova. That means 250 schools, with 10 500 employees, teachers, administrative staff and other staff, and 120 000 students, from 3 to 19 years. ISJP has implemented several programmes having as targets children and youth from disadvantaged groups, such as Roma, migrants and those with disabilities.

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Prahova County Department of Social Assistance and Protection of Children is a public institution run by Prahova City Council which ensures, in Prahova County, the implementation of policies and strategies for the social assistance and protection of children and families, lonely individuals, the elderly, and the disables, as well as any persons in need.

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Center for Democratic Development (CDD) was set up in 2010 by the staff of the Information Office of the Council of Europe in Bucharest jointly with a group of founding members with the aim to develop a responsive and inclusive democratic society, based on the respect of human rights, the solidarity and the active participation of citizens. CDD also works with children affected by the parents who are working abroad, to whom it offers Social and Emotional Learning support to reduce the risks of these children becoming marginalised. For more information visit

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Terre Des Hommes (TDH) supports community development programmes that make schools more accessible and appealing to children from underprivileged or minority communities such as the Roma by providing help with schoolwork and organising after-school activities. With community health centres that offer free medical advice and basic healthcare, access to quality health services is improved. These programmes not only benefit the children but also strengthen community participation and enrich intercommunity dialogue. Additionally, TDH improves the entrepreneurial skills of disadvantaged communities to boost the local business environment. Terre Des Hommes also raises awareness, trains and coaches social workers, community groups, sociocultural animators and school staff on specific issues relating to children’s rights and the inclusion of minorities. For more information visit