An outline of The Including Children Affected by Migration (ICAM) Programme

ICAM helps school principals identify staff to be  trained as School ICAM Leaders. Once trained ICAM supports cooperative networking between communities of School ICAM Leaders who share good practice in improving the Social and Emotional Wellbeing of CAM in their schools.

  • Understanding 12 key features of a school which contribute most to inclusion and wellbeing for children in a harmonious school community – a climate of Convivencia

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1A. Find out more about the objectives of the ICAM programme

1B. Find out more about improving the whole school climate of Convivencia

  • An easy to administer review instrument asking children, staff and parents to identify the school’s strengths in the 12 features for convivencia and which features require most improvement.

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Find out more about the ICAM review instrument

  • Training in how to select and implement ICAM resources chosen from an extensive database of materials for improving the 12 features of convivencia

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View the catalogue of ICAM resources

  1. A course of small group Social and Emotional Learning to be included in the school curriculum and lessons for CAM:

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4A. Understand about the power of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) to improve access to education for CAM

4B Find out more about the small group work ICAM programme for SEL

  • A particular emphasis on reducing violence and bullying and ensuring safe and responsible internet use to avoid the dangers and harm to which CAM are particularly vulnerable in society and on the intarnet. The ICAM programme not only teaches safe behaviour but also helps develop the personal self confidence and resilience of CAM so thay stay safe.

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5A. Find out more about violence reduction for CAM and Action Anti-Bullying.

5B. Find out more about improving Safe and responsible behaviour on-line the ICAM Be Cyber Safe and Responsible programme.

  • A programme of parent/carer training sessions to help them continue the Social and Emotional Lerning of their chidren when they are at home.

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Find out more about the Parent/Carer programme

√ To restore their learning capacity cam need improved social and emotional learning from teachers in their school with a climate of convivencia and from trained parent/carers in their safe and happy home.