The ICAM Coaching Manuals. Handbooks and Materials for Learning and Teaching

There are 4 programmes In the ICAM family of programmes. All programmes have primary and secondary school versions, and all are available on-line translated into 4 languages. (Google translate can be used to translate materials into any language)

  1. The ICAM full programme designed to achieve all 12 of the ICAM outcomes
  2. The ICAMshort programme designed to encourage schools to make a start on including CAM by developing 4 of the most important ICAM outcomes.
  3. The ICAMucs programme for Ukraine designed to help schools under pressure to speedily include Ukrainian displaced children in their schools.
  4. The ICAMcsr Be Cyber Safe and Responsible programme designed to help schools and parents/caeres ensure that CAM avoid danger when on-line by teaching the safe and responsible use of the internet and particularly safe and responsible use of social media

All 4 programmes include a range of training, informing, teaching and learning and evaluation materials to support a cascade of coaching and support resulting in the improved school climate of convivencia and the increased capacity of all staff in schools to support the social and emotional wellbeing of CAM and their families.

Each of the 4 ICAM programmes include:

  • A Training Pack for National ICAM Facilitators:
    1. Workshop Guide for training ICAM National Facilitators and a training evaluation instrument
    2. ICAM National Facilitator Handbook – translated into 4 languages
    3. A Training Evaluation Instrument
  • A Training Pack for ICAM School Leaders:
    1. Workshop Guide for training ICAM School Leaders and
    2. ICAM School Handbook – translated into 4 languages.
  • Parent/carer training and support materialscomprising:
    1. 7 x 2.5 hour workshops and
    2. 12 x 2.0 hour group self-study sessions for ongoing group support for parents/carers in how to continue growing Social and Emotional Wellbeing for CAM in the family.
  • School Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) teaching materialsfor adding to the school’s existing provision.
    1. A series of small group work materials for supporting the SEL of CAM in need of additional support.
    2. An ideas manual containing 50 relatively simple to achieve activities and projects to better include CAM that can be quickly implemented to generate a momentum for the implementation of the whole programme.
  • The ICAM school Review Instrument – an on-line review of 12 areas of school organisation with 82 questions answered on tablets and mobile phones by Students, Parents, Staff and School Leaders.
  • The ICAM Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Observation schedule for assessing progress in the development of SEL
  • A large database of learning and teaching, administrative, publicity and support materials – all available on-line

All these materials are available for downloading, or working with on-line, in the Resources Section of this website (Password protected)