The ICAM whole school review Instrument

The ICAM Review Instrument is an integral part of the cycle of school impreovement to better include CAM:

Before embarking on a programme such as ICAMnet, it is important for the school to conduct a review to establish what is already being done, what is going well, what needs to be improved and what else needs to be done. Once the programme is established, the review should be repeated at regular intervals so that progress is recognised and planning for further improvement is based on clear evidence.

To achieve effective monitoring and evaluation the ICAM review:

  1. takes a broad view.
  2. involves all stakeholders.
  3. uses data from several sources.
  4. avoids complexity.
  5. produces results that are easy to analyse.
  6. contributes to the improvement cycle by supporting action planning and regular monitoring.


√ The ICAM review is answered on-line on laptops phones or tablets by all stakeholders taking less that 20 minutes

√ The results are automatically collated andproduced in graphical form automatically

√ Schools can compare there resulst with the automatically collated results from schools nationally and locally

The process of monitoring, evaluating and reviewing actions to improve the inclusion of CAM is as important as the results themselves because:

√ the questions that stakeholders are asked, and the process of answering them in questionnaires or interviews, help them think about and understand the ICAM programme and the benefits that it will bring to learning.

√ spending time focusing on an review of inclusion can unify the school and strengthen its ethos and climate for convivencia.

√ using a solution focused approach in the review builds confidence and helps everyone appreciate the successes of the school and identify priorities for improvement.

√ if results are shared, a school can compare itself with the norm provided by other schools and thus be helped to recognise strengths and plan for improvement.

√ the school leadership is seen to be caring for student social and emotional health and wellbeing by modelling social and emotional skills when conducting the review.

Since the monitoring, evaluating and review process is conducted regularly, The ICAMreview is designed to be very efficient It is easy to set up and requires the minimum of time to administer.