Action Anti-Bullying – The AAB programme available for all ICAM schools

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CAM are particularly vulnerable to violence and abuse:

A report for UNICEF notes that approximately 40% of students worldwide regularly experience violence in schools.

Bullying accounts for approximately 80% of violence against children resulting in their exclusion from learning.

Unless schools take specific steps to protect them, CAM are particularly vulnerable to violence and abuse – mainly bullying (including cyber-bullying), which is notoriously meted out by children, young people and adults on members of any community who are seen as different in appearance, circumstance, or culture.

The improvement in convivencia in schools is identified as the most effective and positive way to improve inclusion.

  • To achieve this, ICAM applies the techniques developed by their previous AAB programme which improves convivencia in schools by training ICAM school leaders in whole school development of 12 aspects of school organisation shown to have the most direct influence on creating the climate of convivencia.
  • The training, which is cascaded to all staff in schools, includes restorative approaches to conflict resolution.

ICAM schools have access to the full range of Action Anti-bullying Materials to download or work with on-line.