The ICAM programme of small group work sessions for restoring the Social and Emotional wellbeing of CAM

The social and emotional needs of the majority of CAM will be met in a school which is developing the various aspects of convivencia described in the ICAM Handbook.

Some CAM may, as a result of the challenges of their migration experiences, require some additional strategies to be put in place in the classroom and some may also benefit from extra SEL support within the school, for example from a school counsellor or from small group work.

This ICAM Guide to small group work offers schools support in planning, setting up and delivering a small group programme and contains:

  • guidance for setting up small group work in schools.
  • a proforma for planning a group-work intervention.
  • a proforma for planning a group-work session.
  • 6 sample group work sessions.
  • A further 20 sessions available to select from on-line.

Schools will decide how to use the sample sessions and what further steps they will take to provide continued additional SEL support for CAM who need it.