The Including Children Affected by Migration - Be Cyber Safe and Responsible Programme (ICAMbecsr)

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Children Affected by Migration (CAM) are some of the most vulnerable children to threats, violence and abuse when using the internet and particularly social media.

The ICAMbecsr programme teaches CAM the media literacy they need for safe, secure and responsible behaviour when on line.

Most importantly ICAMbecsr also develops the Social and Emotional Learning of CAM so that they have the personal confidence and digital resilience to better protect themselves and other children, and to make safe and responsible decisions when they are on-line. This includes their avoidance of, and response to, cyber-bullying, radicalisation, and attempted grooming as victims or bystanders. Read more 

The Be Cyber Safe and Responsible Programme BeCSR


The training materials and resources are designed and written in such a way that, as well as being fully integrated into the ICAM programme, they can be used as a stand-alone programme, BeCSR, or integrated into other child safety programmes as required.