Programme Developer

NCfLB functions as a focal point in the further development of existing work in social, emotional and behavioral difficulties (SEBD) in the following areas: Short, medium and long term consultancy, Research, Teaching and training, Resource development, International work with governments and NGOs.
NCfLB’s work in these areas includes a wide range of topics, including improving behavior in schools, reducing violence; mental health and well-being, school management and school attendance. The School of Education at the University already has a significant reputation in the generic field of SEBD, in particular by a series of professional development modules in “emotional and behavioral social difficulties (SEBD) funded research and consultancy activities (eg. Department for Education, Agency for the Development of Education for Schools, Hong Kong Institute and National College of School Leadership a presence on the web and other media (e.g. through Behaviour4Learning and its successor, Behaviour2Learn) academic activity in the United Kingdom and around the world. NCfLB has a significant portfolio of existing consultancy activities, undertaken internationally for major agencies and national government departments. In undertaking this work, NCfLB works with a number of expert associates, all with a recognized excellence in training, research and consultancy.

The Northampton Centre for Learning Behaviour (NCfLB) was established by the Northampton University in 2011 as an enterprise company building on the reputation of the Centre for Learning Behaviour founded in 2006. From its university base, the NCfLB provides consultation, advice and training for international organisations, governments, local authorities and other bodies in how to improve learning behaviour, reduce violent/bullying behaviour and enhance Social and Emotional Learning in schools, in child care settings and in the home. NCfLB has successfully completed more than 30 consultation and training contracts for UNICEF, The Council of Europe and national governments and authored the Council of Europe Handbook and Training Pack – Violence Reduction in Schools, The UNICEF international Guidance on Social and Emotional Learning, Violence Reduction in Schools and Violence Abuse and Neglect in Early Years. For more information visit