The Northampton Centre for Learning Behaviour (NCfLB) was established by the Northampton University in 2011 as an enterprise company building on the reputation of the Centre for Learning Behaviour founded in 2006. From its university base, the NCfLB provides consultation, advice and training for international organisations, governments, local authorities and other bodies in how to improve learning behaviour, reduce violent/bullying behaviour and enhance Social and Emotional Learning in schools, in child care settings and in the home. NCfLB has successfully completed more than 30 consultation and training contracts for UNICEF, The Council of Europe and national governments and authored the Council of Europe Handbook and Training Pack – Violence Reduction in Schools, The UNICEF international Guidance on Social and Emotional Learning, Violence Reduction in Schools and Violence Abuse and Neglect in Early Years. For more information visit 

UK Associate Partner 1 

The National Children’s Bureau. The NCB is a UK leading charity for young people that for over 50 years has been improving the lives of children and young people, especially the most vulnerable. Working with children, and for children, NCB strives to reduce the impact of inequalities by influencing government using extensive research and expertise, being a strong voice for young people and practitioners, and inspiring creative solutions on issues including health, early years and social care. NCB brings a range of specialist knowledge and expertise that will support the programme. This includes expertise in relation to child bereavement and experiences of trauma; supporting migrants in care; attachment theory and how it relates to child and adolescent development and prevention and response to race and faith targeted bullying. NCB also has access to a vast range of networks that can disseminate learning from the programme to practitioners throughout the UK. For more information visit

UK Associate Partner 2 

Achievement for All is a leading not-for-profit UK organisation that works in partnership with early years settings, schools and colleges, improving outcomes for all children and young people vulnerable to underachievement regardless of background, challenge or need. Founded in 2011, the mission of Achievement for All is simple: to close the unacceptable gaps at every level of the education system. Empowering young people, as well as their teachers, parents and carers, the charity works to transform lives through personal coaching, professional support, and a leading network of educational experts. For more information visit