At the heart of the ICAM programme is the concept of convivencia (A Spanish word meaning living together in heartfelt harmony).
The ICAM Programme:

•improves the inclusion of Children Affected by Migration by enhancing the climate of convivencia in school and at home
•It provides additional support in school and in the family for the Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Children Affected by Migration
•It raises awareness about children’s rights and the law protecting them
•The ICAM programme also helps to ensure safe, secure and responsible behaviour, including a reduction in instances of bullying and the misuse of the internet and social media.

Schools that apply the ICAM programme soon discover that Children affected by Migration are not a problem: they are a benefit to schools and society. And by addressing the inclusion needs and child rights of Children Affected by Migration, schools improve the quality of teaching and learning for all children.

The power of SEL (Social and Emotional Learning)

Brain science proves that the social and emotional wellbeing of disadvantaged children is critical to improving their learning and attainment.

Because the ICAM Programme is designed to overcome disruption, trauma and loss, building relationship skills, personal resilience, self-management and responsible decision-making, children affected by the Covid-19 pandemic will benefit significantly as well when schools adopt the ICAM Programme