More In response to the growing evidence that CAM are particularly vulnerable to harm compared to other children when using the internet, the ICAMbecsr programme was created as an EU Erasmus+ funded extension of the ICAM programme.

ICAM becsr extends the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) element of the ICAM programme to help CAM develop the social and emotional strengths and other personal qualities needed to be digitally resilient while also increasing their online media literacy. Consequently, CAM become better able to protect themselves and other children and to make safe and responsible decisions when they are on-line.

CAM are uniquely vulnerable to online bullying, radicalization and grooming, and the programme supports schools to work with CAM and their families to safeguard unaccompanied activity and navigation of cyberspace.

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The programme has a number of features:

  • A literature review and a good practice guide to support for CAM’s safe and responsible internet usage
  • Training and professional development materials for use in growing a team of National ICAMbecsr Facilitators
  • National ICAMbecsr Facilitator-supported cascaded online training programmes for training School ICAMbecsr Leaders
  • Online training for whole school convivencia and CAM SEL for use by School ICAMbecsr Leaders supporting school staff and parents/carers
  • Learning and teaching materials for the development of children’s SEL related to safe and responsible behaviour and on-line media literacy, aimed at developing CAM’s:
  • SEL, media literacy and ability to make sensible and safe decisions when they are on-line at home, at school, or with their peers;
  • ability and awareness to help others by recognising, understanding and preventing cyberbullying, online harassment and  immoral behaviour;
  • and knowing what to do when they encounter it.

Although it can be taught, most SEL is assimilated and requires the appropriate climate in school and in the home.  The SEL for CAM will be achieved alongside the improvement to the climate of convivencia (living in harmony) in schools and in the home. Back